3D Multiplying Rabbits by Gosh
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3D Multiplying Rabbits by Gosh

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Two adorable rabbits, Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit, are introduced. A spectator holds Mama Rabbit in her closed hand, while Papa Rabbit disappears! Opening her hand, the spectator discovers Papa Rabbit has magically rejoined the Mama Rabbit.

Now the spectator holds onto both Mama and Papa, as she taps the back of her hand saying the magic words. This time when she opens her hand, there are screams of amazement because an entire family of 5 Baby Bunnies has magically appeared, joining the Mama and Papa Rabbits!

''People love and remember 'The Rabbits' long after they have forgotten routines that might take years to learn. Cute, magical rabbits that appear inside the spectators hand is such a fun idea that the rabbits are possibly the greatest close up trick of all time!'' -Michael Ammar, World Champion Magician.

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