"Better" Coin Set
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"Better" Coin Set

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"Better" Coin Set Here we have assembled some of our most popular coin tricks into one set. This is professional quality apparatus, suitable for ages 10 to 100! The "Better" Set includes: Dime and Penny (HA-5005) Show a dime and a penny, placing both in your hand. Remove the penny, showing it on both sides, then pocket it. Ask your spectators what is left in your hand. They will say the dime. Open your hand to show the dime has vanished (or changed into a different coin). # Many effects are possible! # Very Easy! # Amazing Fun! Scotch and Soda (HA-5004) The performer shows a half dollar and a Mexican 20 centavo. They are easy to tell apart, because the centavo is copper and smaller than the half. Both coins are placed in a spectator's hand. The performer asks the spectator to put his hands behind his back, then hand you the half. The spectator easily locates the half. The performer asks the spectator what coin is left in his hand. The spectator will state it is the centavo. But when he brings his hand out and opens it, there's a U.S. quarter! The centavo has completely vanished. # Both coins can be freely examined. Coin in Bottle (MK-P2521) A precision machined and cut coin that actually folds. The folding action allows you to put the coin into a bottle and then remove it. The trick requires minimal practice but the shear novelty of the coin is worth the investment. Nickels to Dimes (MC140025C) You place four nickels on the table. After just a moment of expectation you place a magical brass cap over the stack of nickels. You make eye contact with your spectators, place a finger on the covered stack, do a magical gesture with your hand, and lift the brass cap to reveal four dimes in the place of the nickels. The nickels have disappeared entirely. You retreat from the table as your spectators lung forward and examine the dimes and brass cap. You smile confidently... everything is examinable. Bill Thru Quarter (HA-5008) Magician borrows a quarter, which he instantly pushes a pen through. After cleanly showing the pen is through the coin showing both sides of the coin, the pen is removed and the coin is returned to the spectator. Buy the set and save $5.00
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