Color Cube Demonstration - Kozuch
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Color Cube Demonstration - Kozuch

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Effect: Three different colored boxes are shown, each with their own respective lids and colored blocks inside. For instance, a green box has a green cube and a green lid, a red box has a red cube and a red lid, and a blue box has a clue cube and a blue lid.

The performer either stands with his back turned, is blindfolded, or leaves the room entirely, while the spectator is instructed to place ANY colored cube into ANY colored box, and cover it with ANY colored lid until all the boxes are filled and topped. All the boxes are then rubber banded for security and placed inside a black, ungimmicked, OPAQUE drawstring bag by the spectator all while the performer is out of the room or blindfolded.

Immediately, the performer returns and divines which colored cube is nested within which colored box, topped off with which colored cube, all without opening the opaque bags at all!

Come complete with routine using a sock puppet (included), Thee color cubes, boxes, lids, black bag and gimick.

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