Micro Psychic -Bolt
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Micro Psychic -Bolt


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See Video Demo Below:

Kreis's Micro Psychic

Japanese top magicians have got attracted when they first saw it.
Micro Psychic has sold out within a day in many stores around the world.
Incredibly impactful effect!

The new trick from Kreis is a psychic effect. A nut visually moves and drops off from a bolt all by itself.

A spectator screws a nut onto a bolt about half way and then you hold it at your fingertips.
Audience can always see your empty hands.

But ...

Suddenly the nut starts to rotate and finally drops off.

- Nothing to hide in your hands.
- Can be repeated as many times as you want.
- Fully examinable before and after the effect.
- Easy battery replacement.
- Six months warranty.
- No clothing limitation. You can wear short-sleeves, or you don't even have to be wearing clothes!

Since Micro Psychic can be performed in various situations, it can be easily adapted to your performance lineup.

The gimmick is almost self-contained within the bolt and nut, so that you can repeat the effect as many times as you want.
Micro Psychic contains electronic devices but looks perfectly normal.

Therefore, you can let your audience themselves screw the nut onto the bolt and also you can hand the bolt and nut to them immediately after the effect. No switches are required, so that there is no suspicious move.

Electronic devices need battery replacement but there is nothing to worry about.
Micro Psychic uses a battery cell which is commonly sold in stores and you can easily replace it by yourself.

When you get one, you will be surprised to see how it works.
And shortly after that, you will want to show it to your audience right away.

Create your own show with the Micro Psychic's stunning impact.

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