Animated Magic Color Book
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Animated Magic Color Book

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The magician shows a coloring book to his audience. At a glance, the book is completely blank in all its pages. The performer asks which characteristic is well known to magicians. When he shows the book again, it appears to have a cartoon of a hat and a colored fan of cards.

While leafing through the book the cards appear smaller in a sequence of cartoons, until they disappear totally. At once, the picture of the colored deck inside the case appears and, surprise -- the card deck becomes absolutely real, leaving only the book!

When the magician leafs through the book again, from the picture of the empty hat arrives a picture of a bunny. The deck of cards is now given to a spectator to choose a card. The card is placed inside the book. While the pages are flipped through again, a picture showing the bunny taking the card magically appears. It takes the card and cuts it in four pieces. Then it unites the pieces but in an incorrect order. At the end of the book a real card appears out of the book totally restored but arranged as shown in its incorrect order.

The spectator now chooses a second card. When showing the interior of the book, the animation of the pages shows the rabbit jumping outside of the hat, it puts its paw into the hat, takes out a card, shows it, and it turns out to be the same card the spectator chose!

To finish, the book is shown with the cartoons of the rabbit with a wand in its hand. It transforms the wand in a silk, and as it is extended it appears to have the words "The End!" When the last page of the book is shown the silk becomes real leaving only the book!

* The appeared card can be any of 52 cards.
* You can sign a card and have it appear inside the book.
* You receive the very special book along with with two special cards, a printed silk, and complete instructions.
* Supply your own deck of cards.
* Perfect not only for children's shows, but close-up and walkaround situations as well!

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