Flipped, Marked, and Mirrored
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Flipped, Marked, and Mirrored

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The magician shows 4 aces, one for each suit (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds). The value shown may be different but the effect is the same. One at a time each card flips face down showing each individually blue back. The magician says "you probably think I am using special cards." He says that he is using special cards that are marked and have red backs. He shows the four backs to be red backed with a giant X on the back. He says these cards are too obvious and that spectators think that magicians use mirrors. He says that he does and turns the cards over to reveal that each card has a mirror on the back.

This trick is a variation of Back Flips by Sam Schwartz and Flipped Out by Ed Hollins. In Ed Hollins original effect there were only three mirrored back cards, and the Elmsley Count was needed. In this variation only one simple move is used to perform the effect.

You receive four cards of the same value, one spade, one heart, one club, and one diamond. Each of these cards has a mirror on the back. Also included is a double backed card with one side red and the other side blue. The red side has an X across it. High quality Bicycle cards included.

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