Corker by Capstone - Coin in Bottle
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Corker by Capstone - Coin in Bottle

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Performer displays a bottle and a cork, which are both handed out for examination. The cork is then inserted into the top of the bottle, thereby preventing any entry or escape of any foreign objects. A quarter is then borrowed, and the performer taps it on the bottom and side of the bottle. 1-2-3-CLINK! The coin visibly penetrates the bottle and is now freely shown to be sealed inside. The cork is still in place and the bottle, none the worse for wear. Now, the bottle is held right under the spectators' noses so they can clearly see the coin inside. The coin is then magically passed through the bottle and handed back to its owner!

One the main benefits of Corker is that it eliminates the problem of switching the coin, getting it folded, and getting it into the neck of the bottle. Especially the sound issue. Also, the the dirty work is done long before the climax, so you can focus on presentation. Plus, the coin they hand you never leaves their sight before it penetrates the bottle. This is a huge advantage over other Coin in Bottle versions.

Important features:

* Precision manufactured gimmick

* Easy to do

* No difficult sleight of hand

* Everything can be examined

* Four different routines included

* Routine #4 resets automatically

* Patter, jokes, and gags included

* Bonus finale idea included

* Comes complete with a folding quarter to complement your performance

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