8 Foot Appearing Straw
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8 Foot Appearing Straw

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It looks just like a McDonald's straw from the stripes to the colors -- even the texture! And, from as close as three or four feet! Great for a first routine or grand entrance! The magician walks hurriedly onto stage carrying a McDonald's bag looking worried and stressed. As he looks at his watch, he announces ''Oh, I was so late I didn't even get a chance to have dinner... well, at least, I got to stop at McDonald's.'' He sets the bag on the table and looks in... and pulls out a hamburger...''one hamburger!'' he explains. He looks in again and becomes upset when he pulls out a coke. ''Would you look at that! They gave me a small coke and I paid for a large one!'' (Waits for audience response... A-A-W-W-W!) He then looks into the bag one last time and shouts with much exuberance, ''Well, at least they gave me a large straw!'' He pulls out an eight-foot long McDonald's straw.. and the crowd goes wild with excited laughter!

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