A. E. (Artificial Experience) 2.0
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A. E. (Artificial Experience) 2.0


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Imagine the following: After performing your favorite pen/pencil through bill effect,

A wiseguy from the audience shouts out loud: �Hey, do it with MY pen�...Well, now you CAN!


A BORROWED bill is folded in half widthwise. Next, a BORROWED pen or pencil is placed in-between the bill, which is clearly shown. Now read this carefully; WITHOUT touching the pen/pencil, It starts to "MELT" right through the fold of the bill SLOWLY and VISUALLY, until the pen/pencil drops in your waiting hand!

Just like REAL magic! Everything is immediately handed out for examination!

A.E looks great! Very magical, very visual and done with both a borrowed bill and a borrowed pen? It's going into my repertoire ASAP! This would make a beautiful follow up to �Just Passin� Thru�, or any of the other penetration effects of this type--offer to do it with THEIR bill AND their pen/pencil--or it will play beautifully as a stand-alone effect. Congratulations on a job VERY well done!�

-Scott F. Guinn

  • Easy to do
  • Extremely visual
  • Use ANY pen OR pencil
  • Use ANY bill
  • Resets instantly

Now Comes With an Instructional DVD

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