Astonishing Rice Jar  by Barrie Richardson
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Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson

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Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson 

This is an amazing demonstration that Barrie has brought to life once again as featured in his newest book, "Act Two."

People who have witnessed this stunt can recall it many years later. How many card or coin tricks fall into this category? How many stage illusions are this memorable?

The plot, like most good magic, is uncomplicated as an ordinary glass jar is filled to the brim with ordinary rice. A chopstick (or wooden letter opener) is inserted a few inches into the vessel, and when the chopstick is lifted, the heavy rice-filled vessel is suspended. How can this be?

The vessel is then lowered, the chopstick removed, and the rice poured out in a long dramatic stream. Everything is normal. There are no gimmicks - no magnets, wires, hidden supports, etc. 

Comes complete with Barrie's detailed instructions booklet. You can use virtually any jar and grain (not included). 


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