C.S.I. Deck-Bicycle Poker Size
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C.S.I. Deck-Bicycle Poker Size

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Your spectator is aked as if she was a "C.S.I. Detective" trying to solve the case to name the suite and the number of a card. The Magician cuts the cards and asks the "detective" for the clues, this brings you to a card, but not the correct card! The Magician says that this is just the wrong suspect. This card can lead the Magician and the spectator to the correct card. Magician gets the "address" of the card and spells out the name. The last card is turned over to reveal the spectators made up card!

Effect:The spectator will think of any one of the fifty-two cards. The magician will then spell to the card every time. This is a free choice and can be repeated for as many times as needed.
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