Chinese Sticks Routine With DVD
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Chinese Sticks Routine With DVD

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Basic Effect: 

Two ornate sticks with tassels hanging from them are introduced side by side.

One of the tassels is short and the other is very long. 

By pulling down on the short tassel the long tassel goes up and vice versa. 

It is obvious that the sticks are connected, but you open them out into a "V" formation to prove your audience wrong.

 Again one tassel goes up as the other is pulled.

Your audience assumes that the sticks are connected where they touch each other at the tip of the "V" but you seperate the sticks. 

Even when a stick is held in each hand, one tassel goes up as the other is pulled creating the illusion that each tassel is connected to the other when they are clearly not. 

After some magic words the magician is able to make both tassels retract into the sticks. 

Included is a full and complete explanation on the Chinese Sticks with Included DVD

Learn and perform one of magic's best routines, the Chinese Sticks.


Chinese Sticks Twenty minute DVD Performance footage from the great John Fedko Explanation of each and every move.

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