Coin Collector - Rey Ben
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Coin Collector - Rey Ben

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The magician has a pin showing a lot of coins from different countries on his lapel. Then he gives a spectator five cards showing one coin from a different country each, and asks him to shuffle them. And finally, he shows an envelope with a prediction inside. The helper puts the shuffled cards face down in a row on the table. The magician and the spectator discard the cards, one at a time, until ONLY ONE is left on the table. He turns it and finds out that it is the “Chinese coin”. Then the magician suggests the spectator open the envelope and read the prediction in a loud voice. When everybody expects him to read “You will choose the Chinese coin”, the spectator reads: “Look at the Magician’s Button”, then they look at it finding out that the button has “only a big Chinese coin” printed on it.

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