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Color Changing Production Foulard by Jupiter
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Color Changing Production Foulard by Jupiter

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The magician displays a handsome black cloth to the audience. Suddenly, it changes color - to red! This is only the beginning of the trick, however, as next, reaching underneath the foulard, the magician brings forth a gorgeous bouquet of (feather) flowers! But wait, there's more!

This bouquet is suddenly split into two! Two more bouquets are produced similarly making four single bouquets in all. Then, for a fitting climax to this magical mélange, the magician produced a live dove from the foulard.

Feather flowers and dove not included. Extremely easy to perform. High-quality European craftsmanship makes this prop a dream to work with. The foulard itself is made of a heavy-weight cloth that will withstand the use of many performances.

These are in "New Condition"

Note: provide your own Doves or Flowers!

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