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Foo Can by Morrissey Magic (Copper)
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Foo Can by Morrissey Magic (Copper)

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You can pour liquid into the Foo Can and then turn the can upside down without spilling a drop! 

The FOO CAN is shown empty by turning it upside down. Water is poured into the can which is again inverted, but now MAGICALLY THE WATER HAS VANISHED! 

With a wave of the hand the water re-appears in the FOO CAN and may be poured out all at once or at intervals. If poured out a little at a time, the FOO CAN may be shown empty after each pour. 

The flow of the water is always under the control of the magician. The FOO CAN makes an ideal addition to the Comedy Funnel or the Milk Pitcher. 

Size of FOO CAN is 7½” high, top diameter 3½”, bottom diameter 4¼”. ATTRACTIVE – MODERN DESIGN Quality product manufactured in Copper. 

No Longer Available.

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