Increased Awareness
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Increased Awareness

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Dexter's Increased Awarness

A Self Working Miracle

Dexter comes through again with another devastating mentalism masterpiece! This audience-tested routine has been one of Dexter's most guarded secrets for many years. Performers and laymen alike have been constantly baffled as to its secret.

The performer invites four spectators on stage and passes out 4 sheets of paper from a notepad. The spectators are then asked to draw four different drawings (the drawings can also be similar, if so desired) while the performer leaves the room or his back is turned. One of the spectators is then instructed to gather the drawings and mix them so that the performer could not possibly know about a particular order. Now comes the impossible! Performer then turns around, takes the drawings, and without hesitation, hands each drawing back to its originator. Unbelievable!

The method itself is so diabolical, you'll marvel at its simplicity and ability to fool. Several routines and ideas are included; you can perform this on stage, close-up, and completely surrounded. You can have your spectators write or draw anything they wish, if you desire. There is no forcing, pumping, or prodding of any kind! There is nothing to hide, no markings used, and everything is completely examinable. Comes complete with everything you need to perform. Extremely easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on your performance and presentation of this marvelous effect! The possibilities are endless!
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