Light the World
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Light the World

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The performer explains that he is going to play a game! Presenting matchboxes which he has collected from several cities throughout the world. Before the game commences, however, the magician takes a lighter from his pocket and asks one volunteer to keep the lighter in his hand. He then asks another volunteer to mix the matchboxes together and to throw them up in the air. The matchboxes fall onto the table, and the performer eliminates all the upside down matchbooks until only one face-up matchbox remains. Let's say the matchbox displays a picture of New York City.

The magician takes the lighter from the spectator, displays both sides as normal and suddenly, the lighter displays New York on both sides! An apparently random decision has been predicted by the performer! The performer can even hand the lighter out and the spectators will find that both sides indeed have New York printed on them! light the world comes complete with everything needed to perform, including five matchboxes with different cities printed upon them, lighter, special gimmicks, and instructions!
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