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A true miracle of ultimate PSI Power! Telekenesis that will leave your audience spellbound! A wooden toothpick is pushed into the middle of a matchbox. You now take a small piece of paper from your wallet and fold it into a pyramid-type shape and place it onto the toothpick so that it can rotate freely. Cover everything with a large glass and start to make a magical gesture. Your hands never come in contact with the glass. Suddenly, the paper starts to rotate, very slowly at first, and then picks up momentum! On your command, the revolving stops and the paper starts to rotate in the opposite direction!

Everything can be examined before and after the effect. Since there is nothing whatsoever for the spectators to find, it has to be PARANORMAL! This miracle can be performed anytime, anywhere, completely surrounded. The paper can even be marked with an arrow and used to divine a selected item from objects placed around the glass. Great for all performing venues from stage to walkaround. This amazing miracle can even be performed with your business card! PARANORMAL comes complete with all necessary props. You supply the glass.
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