Psychic Spinner by Sorcery Manufacturing
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Psychic Spinner by Sorcery Manufacturing

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You have a spectator select a card. The selection is returned to a small stack. The remaining cards are returned to the card box. A needle is inserted into a tiny hole in the card case and a pencil with a tiny hole is balanced on top of the needle. The pencil can rotate freely.

The cards are mixed and dealt face down around the case. The pencil starts to move upon its on and starts spinning really fast. You make absolutely no contact with the pencil or any of the set-up.

The pencil is under your complete control. It slowly comes to rest, the pencil is pointing to one of the cards.

The spectator is asked to name his card allowed and the card is turned over to reveal the selection! Unlike other versions of the past, everything is completely examinable and no gimmicks, mechanical devices, nothing is found to be out of the ordinary or unusual.

  • Easy to Learn!
  • Clever Method!
  • Fun to Perform!
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