Roentgen Box
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Roentgen Box

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A small plastic box is handed to a spectator. After it’s examined, the magician shows an aluminum die that fits snugly into the box. The spectator is instructed to turn his back and place any value face-up in the box and close it with the accompanying lid. Having done so, the box is then placed back onto the magician’s outstretched hand.

Looking at the box, as if discerning something about its content, the magician hands the box back to the spectator and immediately names the correct number! The effect can even be repeated again and again, leaving no clue as to the secret. One could only believe that like Superman, the magician has X-Ray Vision!

  • Absolutely no sleights required!
  • The spectators do all the handling!
  • There are no extra parts!
  • No suspicious moving or weighing of the box when on your hand!
  • No secret lifting of the lid!
  • No, you don’t have to look at the lid, either!
  • Can be performed completely surrounded!
  • There is no way to see through any part of the box or lid!
  • No, you are not supplied with a gimmick!
  • Everything can be examined at any time!
  • Fools magicians badly!
  • Not to be confused for other principles on the market today!
  • You definitely do not know this one! Magician never touches the cylinders!
  • No magnets, transmitters, electronics, stooges or extra gimmicks of any kind!
  • A diabolical principle that baffles both magicians and laymen!

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