Run Rabbit Run
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Run Rabbit Run

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Great Kid-Show Magic!

Show 2 Rabbit Houses connected by a brick wall.

Each House has a front and back door, which are important later.

You place a wood cut-out of a small Rabbit in 1 house.

The darn Rabbit runs to the other House!

The kids see him run back & forth, yelling & screaming each time!

You tell 'Thumper' (the Rabbit) to 'Stay'.

'Thumper' peeks out the side and runs to the other House.

So you open both doors front & back, 'Thumper' has Vanished!

The kids are going crazy at this point! You turn around 'Thumper' is hanging on your back.

  • Or you produce him from another place.

An extra 'Thumper' is included. 

A stage size model, 22" long and 9" high, sturdily made in wood, laminated and screened in bright colors. Truly a deluxe model!

This version of Harry Leat's classic trick has several special features: the performer can make the rabbit appear or vanish from behind either door, travel from door to door, or peep from behind either door.

Comes with four rabbits for the animation, initial vanish and final reproduction. A great value for any children's entertainer, and a proven audience favorite.

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