Russian Wallet
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Russian Wallet

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Borrow a ring from a spectator and make it vanish, as if my magic. Straight after that, take a small leather purse (included) out of your pocket and put it down on the conjuring table. Any idea what's inside? The ring? A bef 1000 note? Let's have a look. No such luck! Instead you produce a slightly smaller wallet from this purse. Open this one quickly and examine the contents. The ring? A bef 500 note? Wrong again. Next, you take out an even smaller yet similar looking purse. And in that one? Another wallet? The ring? A bef 100 note? Nothing of the kind! Just a tiny pre-folded small silk. Open this right out and let everyone discover what's lying there in the middle. Yes, you've guessed it already... the spectator's missing ring.
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