Sense-ational Perception
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Sense-ational Perception

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Under the most scrupulous conditions, the mentalist is able to announce the correct words, numbers, or pictures created by the audience with amazing accuracy. Even after such testing of the most incredible feats of mental ability, the mentalist is still able to know precisely what is given!


The demonstrator introduces a psychic, who is seated blindfolded with his/her back to the audience. The demonstrator invites several people up from the audience, all of whom are asked to write a letter, number, or word on an ungimmicked clipboard. They can even have a free selection of a card! The possibilities here are limitless! Each time, the psychic is able to correctly divine each individual's chosen thought/item!

Sense-ational Perception is an electronic queueing device for a two-person mentalism act enabling you to perform all the above and so much more. The possibilities are endless for this wonderful state-of-the-art device, and once you perform with it onstage, you'll never be without it!

Note: Requires 4AAA batteries (not included)

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