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Silk Cabby (Church)
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Silk Cabby (Church)

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Great for gospel type. Items were silks blended together and presented the greater good!

Exchanges, vanishes, appearances, this prop covers it all.

This can be used for the production or vanish of silks. 

It is excellent for the mis-made flag effect. 

Use it to perform 20th century silks using unprepared silks! 

Blendo effects! 

Silk dyeing! Cut and restored effects! 

Repeat 20th century effects! 

The cabinet is first shown empty with both doors open.

It may be worked surrounded. 

The doors are closed, and silks are pushed into the cabinet by way of the end holes. 

Then they vanish, change color, are transformed, etc. 

Use your own silks and production items. 

The chimney is held in place (and removable) by a magnet so this can be used both in Gospel as well as in a children's show!

Brief instructions included.

Slightly off-white with black and red accents.

Note: No Silks are included.


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