Silk Wonder Box
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Silk Wonder Box


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One of the most amazing production boxes ever invented! 

I remember seeing this advertised in a magic catalog when I first started magic. 

It seemed like a pretty good trick, but I had no plans to order it. 

Then one day when I visited a magic shop and I saw it performed, I couldn't believe my eyes! It looked so much more amazing than it sounded in the catalog. 

Here's the effect - Show a beautiful, small chrome box (about 3x2x2). 

You let the front and back doors flop down as well as opening the top door.

It is unmistakably empty. All the doors are now closed. 

You now proceed to make an unbelievable production of up to twelve silk scarves of all different colors! What's so amazing about this little box is that each time you product three or four scarves, you can immediately open all doors to show the box again empty, yet after closing, you again proceed to produce an endless amount of scarves! 

This is the only production box that can be completely examined without a clue as to how it works! And the amazing thing is when you try to stuff all the scarves back into the box, they don't even seem to fit back in! 

Can be done relatively close up. 

Chrome plated. 

Note: No silks included.

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