Silver Bullet Trick by Lee Earle
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Silver Bullet Trick by Lee Earle

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Utility device which lets you peform the following effects:

  • Triple-A Book test - Anytime, anywhere, any paperback book. Your participant opens the book to any page, chooses a word, and closes the book. In an instant, you know the word. A brand new principle in a book test!
  • Bullseye Bill Challenge - Ask someone to look through the money from his wallet and memorize one bill's serial number. In a flash, you can reveal that same number.
  • Shooting Blanks - Your participant only imagines designs on three blank-both-sides index cards. He secretly turns one 'face up' and you know the design he's thinking of!

Not a shim, a glim, a punch or a crib. No pumping, counting, forcing, or horsing around. No anagrams, indexes, impressions or electronics. Precision made.

Includes Instructional video. It's an Act in your pocket!

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