The Ghost Card by SPS Publications
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The Ghost Card by SPS Publications

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Show a spectator six different jumbo cards. Ask him to think of one. Then count the cards into his open hand one by one. The card he was merely thinking of has vanished!

  • A clean and completely baffling effect.
  • The spectator apparently sees front and back of each card as you deliberately count them into his open hand.
  • Ghost Card does not use the rough-and-smooth principle.
  • It does not use a pocket card or a flap.
  • You do not have to cover the cards.
  • The trick may be repeated as many times as you wish.

Ghost card is easy to perform. 

It's so ingenious, you can perform it right under their noses. 

The jumbo-size cards also make this a winner on stage. 

Simple, incredibly clever, and baffling!

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