The Locking Deck
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The Locking Deck

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A spectator selects a card, which is placed back in the deck and cut. The magician then takes the top card and waves it over the deck to reveal an unusual hole or to have a chrome lock face magically appear on the deck. The magician takes out a combination lock face, which is clearly designed for the waiting hole. The spectator or the magician dials in a three number combination consisting of the number of the card, the suit, and the card's location in the deck. Amazingly, after the combination is dialed the magician lifts up on the lock face which magically cuts the deck. The lock face is seen to be carrying several cards off the deck. The selected card is then revealed exactly where the deck was unlocked. The deck is spread again and is seen to be completely normal. Optional handlings for the production of the lock face are included. Beginners look for easy handling.

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