The One With the Trivial Pursuit Cards
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The One With the Trivial Pursuit Cards

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The performer introduces a packet of Trivial Pursuit cards and places them on the table. He then turns away and need not look at or touch the cards again. The spectator is instructed to cut into the cards and take one out. He looks over the questions on the card and decides on one but tells no one. Following a prelude test dealing with the category of the question that has been chosen, the performer writes something on a piece of paper, folds it up and hands it to the spectator. The spectator is asked to read aloud the question, and then turn the card over and read the answer out. Next he is asked to open the paper and read what the performer wrote. He does so and it is the exact same answer! The performer asks that the cards be handed to a different person. This person is also asked to cut into the cards and take one out. He too chooses a question. This time the performer writes nothing down, he simply announces both the category and the answer to the question the spectator is merely thinking of!

  1. Yes, both spectators' cards are different.

  2. Yes the cards can all be shown to be different at the beginning and end of the routine.

  3. Yes, the spectator can cut anywhere.

  4. No, neither spectator writes anything down or tells anyone his selection.

  5. Yes, the performer can still reveal the answer to the thought of question even if the spectator doesn't know it himself!

  6. yes, the spectator can freely choose any of the questions on the card he takes, they are all different and no, it's not the same one every time!
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