The Ring
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The Ring

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Two metal finger rings are displayed. A spectator chooses one of the two, and a short reading may then be given. But The Ring is possessed, or so it seems.

Is The Ring truly possessed or is it a tool the performer uses to induce an instant trance complete with hallucinations? The spectator does indeed see the ring move on her finger and apparently come to life. The ring seems to breathe, move, wiggle in the hand, constrict around the spectator's finger and much more.

Imagine a ring which has the power to possess human beings. Imagine a time in which you can seemingly control others in a Svengali like manner. Imagine a power sealed into a ring which can cause imagination, intuition, and help, as well as harm. Imagine an audience witnessing all of this without stooges or set-up. Imagine Kentonism at its highest level. Imagine these events transpire without any gimmicks or gaffs other than the rings and Kenton's work. Yes, the spectator is surprised as well, and truly sees the ring move. No threads, magnets, etc. Imagine all of that, because that is what you'll get with... THE RING.

THE RING is complete with two peculiar metal finger rings, one plated in 24k Gold and the other plated in Silver. Naturally, the real work is in the 17 pages of detailed instructions, and not merely the rings. This is Kenton's masterwork on optical illusion rings as performed by many pros. Now complete with a CD-ROM so you may watch the effect performed in two different situations on your computer. You can also listen to Kenton's wording over and over again, allowing the words to sink into your mind, by playing this on your CD player too!

Just as you would expect from the mind of Kenton - a simple trick becomes a major event with proper words and psychology. Not a trick for the non-performer.

THE RING isn't so much about the optical rings really, as it is Kenton's ingenious workings.

Effect comes with two rings, CD-ROM, and full, detailed instructions by Kenton.
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