Thought Transfer
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Thought Transfer

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The magician points to a small table with a black plastic card-stand holding five cards showing ESP-symbols. A spectator is asked to think of any of the symbols but not to name it!

Now the magician takes all five cards off the stand and looks through them. Four cards he places/discards in his pocket and one card is placed behind the backside of the stand

Then the spectator is asked to name his chosen symbol. In the same moment, the magician takes off the backside of the card-stand to reveal the spectator's thought of card: A perfect match!

Thought Transfer is very easy to perform. The specially constructed, easy to break apart card stand will do all the work for you!
  • Card-Stand can be taken apart for easy transportation
  • Use Card-Stand as a nice display for other card routines!
  • Can also be used for kidshows (number/picture cards)!

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