True Hue
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True Hue

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The performer introduces an envelope which, it is explained, contains a forecast of a choice yet to be made. A set of cards is now displayed, each bearing a different color on its face. One is fairly chosen by the participant; for example, red.

The prediction is withdrawn from the envelope, and found to be a piece of cardboard on which is printed: YOU WILL SELECT THIS COLOR. Beneath that text is a cut-out window. The performer puts the prediction over the chosen card, so that the selected color shows through the window.

Of course, the spectator is not particularly impressed with this, as the prediction would be correct for any ocolor over which the prediction was held. When the spectator has voiced this reaction, the performer turns the prediction over, revealing another statement printed on its bac: WHAT-YOU DON'T BELIEVE I KNEW YOU WOULD SELECT RED?

Complete with special cards, predictions and envelope. No sleight of hand required. Produced by Ton Onosaka's Magic Land of Japan.
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