Visual VooDoo - Fiendish Foolers DVD
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Visual VooDoo - Fiendish Foolers DVD

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This DVD is jam-packed with routines so deceptive, they're downright scary. Just when you think a trick is over, Nate throws in a surprise kicker - and to top that, sometimes there's a kicker to the kicker! Also, name reveals his work with one of magic's most closely guarded secrets: the Slippery Sam Gimmick.
  • Melting Coin - A diabolical routine that uses two of your favorite things - fire and money. Evidently, Nate's got money to burn.
  • Therdnase - A triple color change so amazing, Nate out-experts Erdnase under the table.
  • The Card that Can't Be Palmed
  • Mugger - Three coins change VISUALLY as you drop them into a mug. They change back when the SPECTATOR pours them out!
  • Standing Up to Ray and Bill - A no-table triumph paying tribute to Kosby and Goodwin that's flashier than anything else out there.
  • Hot Shot Pocket - 3 coins dropped one at a time in your breast pocket rip right through the fabric, without destroying your jacket.
  • Tornado Straw
  • Plus a Special Bonus: Nate's VooDoo Card
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