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Thanks for life-long magician and philanthropist Bill Kahn for giving us the Exclusive on this effect. The magician produces a deck showing it front, back and then dove tailed shuffled. It is now continually overhand shuffled to convince the spectator the cards are well mixed. A card is now selected and examined carefully (ex. 7 of Hearts). The card is placed face down on top of the deck and immediately cut. The deck is turned over, ribbon spread on the table, face up. The spectator is asked to slide his card out of the spread, at which time he thinks (big deal, I found my own card). You now ask if there is another 7 of Hearts in the deck. There is not! The spectator turns his card over to reveal the X on its back at which time everything can be examined. The effect is straight forward without any false moves, a trick I enjoy doing. --John Calvert
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