Zombie Floating Ball
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Zombie Floating Ball

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Positively the most amasing magic effect of it's kind. Magician tells story that the white ball is actually a zombie trapped in the shape of a sphere and that he must control it with the cloth he holds (included). The ball is seen resting on the stand. He holds the two ends of the cloth and brings it in front of the ball. Slowly and unbelievably, the form of the ball rises, taking the cloth with it - it rises up and up until it is clear of the table. It floats so high the magician has to stand on his toes to bring it down! Ball can do this as many times as desired as it's fully under your control. It then peeks over the top of the cloth, then down again, finally coming to rest on its stand. So easy to do, but fascinating to watch. You will even enjoy doing it in front of the mirror. No threads or assistants used. Comes with instructions, zombie ball, cloth, stand, and gimmick.
Note: flowers as shown in the video are not included.

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