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Zoom Flying Card

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A playing card or business card is examined. 

You ask your audience to look for threads, motors, etc. 

Nothing will be found by either layman or magician! 

Even those familiar with The Floating Match can look and find nothing! 

You then wave your empty hand over the tabled card in a magical pass. 

The card eerily comes to life and zooms this way and that across the tabletop! 

It looks as if the card is being pushed and prodded by spirit forces! ZOOM the card directly into the spectator's waiting hands for further examination. 

This looks so much like real magic, you'll be absolutely thrilled each time you perform ZOOM! Immediately repeatable and examinable before, after, and during performance. 

Spectators may grab your hands or the card at any time! 

Compleely self-contained gimmicked card. 

Nothing to add or take away. 

No magnets and no blowing!

 Leave the gimmicked card with the spectator and repeat the effect next time you see him! 

The spectator unknowingly keeps the gaff ready for your next performance.

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