Imitation Leather Change Wallet
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Imitation Leather Change Wallet

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Change Wallet

Here's just a few of the outstanding tricks this special wallet can do

  • Image of spectator's selected card APPEARS on a blank card
  • Torn or burnt card is restored!
  • 3 cards are freely selected from an ordinary deck mixed by a spectator, and without seeing their faces, you predict or tell what they are
  • Any 4 cards pulled out of the deck by the spectator, turn out to be the 4 ACES
  • Blank paper changes to a $100 bill!
  • Prediction given to spectator in ADVANCE of him removing a $1 bill from his wallet matches the serial Number on bill!
NO SWITCHES OF PREDICTION! Instructions for all these terrific tricks and much more included! Billfold wallet looks like leather (trick leather wallets of this caliber go for $75 or more). An Unbelievable bargain for this low price!
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